Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Marble Mountain Bigfoot Footage Needs Another Investigation




 Watch: Bobo Featured On MSNBC's The Cycle Talking About Bigfoot




 Falcon Project Team Responds To Matt Moneymaker




 This Possible Bigfoot Sighting in Northern California Totally Looks Fake




 Can Someone Prove To Me The Tent/Camper Video Is Fake?




 'Extinct' Animal Turns Up In Wales As Roadside Carcass The Independent

The Anomalist's news team is hoping whatever hit this wee pine marten didn't make sure its kin are extinct in the UK again. Vanishingly rare on the British Isles, these stoats are hanging on. Yet their populations remain so small, one can believe they're just a fond memory. Who knows what other lazarus taxa will emerge before December 21st? Perhaps the putative plesiosaur of the highlands will be confirmed, once and for all, before Earth's transformation to Xibalba. Glasgow Boy takes note of another Scotch beastie, The Creature Of Loch Ulladale. Aye, this water horse made a recent appearance, leaving Glasgow Boy to find the fine line twixt myth and truth. More interesting is an account that one could argue references extant Homo floresiensis. Leave it to Dr. Beachcombing to stumble upon this account of Mysterious Hominids In India.

Honey Island Swamp Monster 1963 - was it Bigfoot?

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! Watch In HD! Harlan Ford Filmed what some think could be a Sasquatch in Louisiana Swamp. 1963 This is the oldest known video ...


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