Friday, November 16, 2012

Mt. Hood Bigfoot Event Friday 16th and Saturday 17th




 Cliff Barackman on Bigfoot Proof: It won't take long, a few years tops




 Scott Nelson On KCTV5 Talking About Sasquatch Language Bigfoot Evidence

Regardless of your belief in Bigfoot or not, Scott Nelson's expertise in the field of cryptolinguistics is beyond question with many years of experience in the military. With that extensive background, we find his claims of detecting language in the Sierra Sounds audiotapes from the 1970s pretty convincing. Nelson has even developed a Sasquatch Phonetic Alphabet and Transcription Standard as a rough translation key for the Bigfoot language heard on the Sierra Kills tapes. If not Bigfoot, then something is certainly trying to communicate in an unknown yet consistent language on those tapes, whether it's an as yet unidentified creature or a very clever human hoaxer.

Messing With Sasquatch - The Top 5 Messin WithSasquatch Jack Links Ads [Funny]

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