Sunday, November 18, 2012

Lake Champlain Plesiosaurs Frontiers of Zoology
After taking a gander at some photos from Scott Mardis, and shared by Dale Drinnon, folks'll be less inclined to write off most lake monsters as wayward cetacea, pinnipeds, and oarfish. The comparison twixt plesiosaurs and the object in the photographs are intriguing to say the least. Of course Champ can't be the only out-of-time beastie in the world. Pterosaurs have been sighted in recent times, but where are thesePterosaurs Nesting? Jonathan Whitcomb has an invaluable field guide, featuring a handful of helpful narratives with crypto-clues for a potential discovery. Yet stories are just stories without proof. A picture's worth a thousand words when it comes to Harry Burrell’s Thylacine. In part one of this series, Tim Squires examines the debate from begun in 2005 as to whether Harry was a con-artist or if a Tassie tiger was truly caught in the act. More interestingly is whether Harry was building a case against these beasts, regardless if his shots were staged or true.

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