Sunday, November 11, 2012

Finding Bigfoot Season 3 Having A Rave Out In The Woods of Idaho




 Cable Networks Competing For Rights To Produce TV Series Based On Falcon Project




 Sierra Kills: James "Bobo" Fay Talks About Bigfoot Hair




 Is The Hulbert Oklahoma Game Cam Bigfoot A Deer?




 Mexican Heironimus Claims He Was The Provo Canyon "Bigfoot"




 My Opinion on the Marble Mountain Bigfoot Footage




 Hubert, OK Game-Cam Bigfoot? Not So Fast! Ghost Theory

Eastern Oklahoma has been buzzing with a possible sighting of a hairy hominid by an automatic camera. While everyone's grabbing their squatching gear, Scott McMan thinks it's all a trick of the light. With help from his little red friend, Scott outlines the images and video in question to make his case. From sensationalism to science, we turn to Jonathan Downes with episode 62 of On The Track (Of Unknown Animals) burgeoning with the biggest crypto news items of last month. From the day-to-day activities of the CFZ, the establishment of the Journal of Cryptozoology, along with discoveries of unexpected animals rather than monsters. Not to mention the celebration of Prudence's seventh birthday.

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