Monday, November 19, 2012

Finally, a Bigfoot in a Box.




 What the Numbers Say About Patty Bigfoot Evidence

The numbers referred to are the measurement comparisons between a human, a gorilla and a video still of the infamous Patty. Mitchell Wilson makes a strong case for Patty having attributes of both gorilla and human, which makes her far less likely to be a man in a suit but rather an genuine upright bipedal primate that is yet undiscovered. Much like Bigfoot, Nessie has her share of believers who have devoted their lives to uncovering the truth behind the elusive beast. Steve Feltham is a Professional Nessie hunter still seeking beastie after 21 years and has given up his home, job and girlfriend to live in a trailer next to the Loch hoping one day to prove his beloved Nessie exists. And finally, Karl Shuker devotes some time to trying to unravel the mystery behind a particularly odd cryptid mystery: Green lion or green leopard? On the track of Huevelman's Unknown Mystery Cat .

Finding Bigfoot Season 3 Episode 2 - MotherBigfoot.HDTV

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A trail camera photo of what may be a sasquatch carrying her youngling through an apple orchard draws the team of bigfoot ...

Vermont Man Shows Off His Trail Cam Photo Of BigfootOn TV News

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Lyle Blackburn: Beasts, Monsters & Bigfoot

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Cryptozoologist Lyle Blackburn joins Dr. Rita Louise where he discusses Bigfoot as well as his work on the Fouke Monster ...

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