Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Watch: The Truth Behind Bigfoot On NatGeo, November 16th [Video]




 Possible Bigfoot a.k.a. "Glawackus" Lurks About Small Connecticut Town (1939)




 Here's What Early Man Really Looked Like




 Bigfoot: Lost Coast Tapes Director Talks Bionic Man, Wildboy and In Search of




 NY Dept of Environmental Conservation: Do not Harm Bigfoot




 Mike Greene, of Thermal Bigfoot Footage Fame, Speaks in NC




 Craigslist Bigfoot Prankster Interviewed




 Bradford Housewife Claims She Spent Five Years Being Raised By Monkeys In The Columbian Jungle Daily Mail

She managed to escape both the jungle and her captors and somehow escaped to the UK where she now leads an incredibly normal life, married and raising kids. Her children say she told told them jungle stories at bedtime and says she never cries, one particularly mild side effect from being raised by primates. Her story is highly unusual and definitely not typical, although she is certainly not the first person to be "raised" by animals. Yahoo rounds up 6 cases of children being raised by animals, including goats, dogs and wolves. Most of these unfortunate children were deeply damaged by their experiences and often were left in institutions because no one knew how exactly to deal with them. One such disastrous rescue of "wolf children" during the 1920s ended tragically leaving the man who'd rescued them wondering if "the right thing to do would have been to leave these children in the wild where I found them."

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