Sunday, October 14, 2012

Watch this: Owl uses exceptional hearing to catch prey from under snow




 Bigfoot Seekers: Is This Cave Big Enough For Bigfoot?




 East Texas: Man Calls Sheriff's Office Over Fear of Bigfoot Attack




 What Happened To This Elk Leg? And Where's The Body?




 Photo of the day: Why is Bobo Not Working?




 Searching For The Source Of The Wood Knocks




 Dr. Meldrum Officially Involved in The Falcon Project (an Airship)




 This Is Awesome: I Was Bigfoot's Love Slave! Custom Cover




 Watch 30 Minutes of Bigfoot Habituation By Chris Noel




 Mysterious Elk-Shaped Structure Discovered In Russia NBC News

There are plenty of discoveries waiting to be uncovered, thanks to the internet. After browsing satellite images, Alexander Shestakov stumbled upon this grand geoglyph that predates the Nazca lines. Now archaeologists are poking around the area to uncover more about this elk drawn with an alien's-eye view in mind. Owen Jarus learns that this is just the tip of the iceberg, or elk horn, in terms of evidence of an ancient, European megalithic culture. So hie thee to Google Maps and contribute to the grand legacy of h. sapiens sapiens's triumph, regardless of the involvement of ancient aliens.
When people think sasquatch, they can't be blamed for thinking of the Pacific northwest. According to Deputy Adam Jones there's been another sighting in east Texas. The Panola Watchman has a description and links to other reports dating as far back as 1969. What squatchers in '69 didn't have were unmanned aerial vehicles, a.k.a. drones. It's dawned upon someResearchers Planning To Use A One-Of-A-Kind Airship To Search For Bigfoot. Ben Coxworth describes the gizmo, dubbed Aurora, with its mission when taking flight next spring. This puts us in mind of our pal Loren Coleman, mingling Aurora and hairy hominids, who wrote a piece on Argo And Bigfoot-Linked John Chambers. He shines a light upon John Chambers's colorful life entangled with these beasts, from the Minnesota Iceman to the Patterson-Gimlin film.

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