Monday, October 01, 2012

Watch This: Cougar Swimming in the Pacific almost gets runover by boat




 Elbe Trackway Hoaxer Identified, Matt Moneymaker To Post His Home Address And Work Phone Number (Updated: Personal Information Will Not Be Released)




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 Mitch Waite Featured On Paranormal Paparazzi About The Mogollon Monster, A Very Original Show Unlike The One On Syfy




 Bigfoot Is A Cannibal?




 Here's The GPS Coordinates To Where You Can Find At Least 3 Bigfoots In IowaBigfoot Evidence

Just in case you'd like to try your luck. This is a public fishing spot where a man and his young son found themselves the subject of interest from a group of Sasquatch on the riverbank across from them. The Sasquatch screeched and growled and at one point seemed to comfort the smallest one of their group, eerily similar to what the very human father was doing with his own son at the time. It seems that Sasquatch was doing a little human watching for a change. Bigfoot Evidence also brings us another account of an waterside encounter, a Report of Bigfoot (Neanderthal-looking man) Slinging Mud at Frog Catcher In Florida in 1990. The man claims the creature was at least 8 feet tall and apparently unhappy that the man and his airboat were encroaching on his territory. And speaking of 8 foot tall humanoid beings, The Church of Ufology shares this tale of Giant Humanoids in Portugal, 1980. While it's technically a Bigfoot report, the subjects are 8 feet tall and hairy. Rounding out our Bigfoot reporting for today, Beachcombing gives us this amusing little footnote (we're sorry) to mythological history about The Origins of One-Foot, a legendary creature who hopped straight out of India mythology and into historical accounts like that of Pliny and Erik the Red.

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