Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Apalachicola Sasquatch Study To Begin November 8th!




 Camos Must Be A Country Thang




 What The Hell? Rainy Bigfoot Footage (Stabilized)




 Hurricane Sandy Causing Sharks To Surface On Flooded New Jersey Street




 Looking For Bigfoot: Archdale Public Library Hosts Program By Famed Tracker HPE

Michael Greene reveals the story behind the infamous 2009 thermal Bigfoot footage that he says he obtained using a Zagnut bar for bait in North Carolina. Greene also says his video brought Bob Gimlin to tears. Gimlin, of course, is one half of the duo who filmed the well-known "Patty" footage back in the 1960s. Meanwhile, a Russian News Website Reports: "Kuzbass Bigfoot DNA Is Similar To Human DNA", but like Bigfoot Evidence we are also wary of any sort of proof that emerges from Russia, home of the faked mammoth video from earlier this year. Of course, the Russians probably think the same about us here in the United States as well...elsewhere, Ghost Theory muses over a recent recounting of a Mothman Encounter In Georgia while Glasgow Boy gives us a treat in the form of a 1992 BBC episode of "Video Diaries" called Desperately Seeking Nessie.

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