Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Richard Stubstad's Last Interview [Bigfoot DNA]




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 The Monster Hunter Now On Chapter Nine: The Search for The Texas Blue Dog




 Naked mountain man harassing hikers outside El Paso, Texas [WTF]




 Watch: Dr. John Bindernagel In The Early Days Talking About The Differences Between A Bear And A Sasquatch




 Photo of the day: Trollstigen, Norway (Troll's Footpath)




 The Hunter Trying To Shoot This Deer Definitely Ain't Justin Smeja




 Video Game Player Releases Another "Bigfoot" Footage




 Steven Streufert: Bigfoot Research Should Be Called "Outdoor Exploration"




 How Chewbacca's Voice Was Really Created [Humor]




 Akulivik Woman Recalls Encounter With Hairy Bigfoot Nunatsiaq Online

Even more details are coming to light about the Nunavik (Quebec, Canada) Bigfoot sighting and now the witness claims to have a video of the incident but refuses to release it to the public because she "doesn't want to scare the children". Not surprisingly, negativity is growing around this supposed sighting and many of the locals are crying foul, although some of them still believe Bigfoot does lurk in that area based on historical sightings. Malcom Smith shares some cryptid stories that are even less believable than a child-frightening Bigfoot--reports of Carnivorous Plants in Central America. It seems that quite a few late 19th century explorers spiced up their adventures with imaginative run-ins with man-eating plants.

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