Sunday, October 21, 2012

Well the Bigfoot Discovery Project was a great...
PattyDiscovery MuseumFoot4:21pm Oct 21
Well the Bigfoot Discovery Project was a great success yesterday with wonderful presentations by Mike Rugg, Dr. Meldrum, Bill Munns and Bart Cutino! Stay tuned for a picture slide show and video of the event coming Soooooooon! But first I need to take a nap because we were up VERY late and would like to thank Tom Yamarone for the wonderful campfire singalong which everyone can soon watch on YouTube, including yours truly singing backup!

Here is a sneak peak of Bill Munns talking about how he has recreated the Patty "Suit" according to Bob Heironimus's description proving once and for all that the suit he described could never have been used for the Patty Footage! You can watch his whole presentation and data, including some x-rated models recreating the Patty "Bounce" on the soon to be released Bigfoot Discovery Days V DVD! STAY TUNED!


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