Sunday, October 07, 2012

Mike Rugg Talks About Bigfoot Discovery Day V And The Sierra Project




 Watch: Baby Wolf Learns To Howl




 Are There Parallels Between Ghost Hunting and Bigfoot Hunting?




 A Possible Origin Of Sasquatch Bigfoot Evidence

This is David Batdorf's third article on Bigfoot. His overarching thesis touches upon many topics dealing with the subject of sasquatch. Despite the large scope of his study, David starts small with the beast's origins in Africa. From possible progenitors, Pleistocene Mammalian Gigantism, land bridges, and hundreds of thousands of years for time scales, there's a lot of evidence pointing at what to look for as "squatchers" tromp through the woods in search of their elusive quarry. Not just sasquatch, but fossil evidence that may still lurk beneath the steppes of Siberia.
The Haunted Queen Mary Two Crows Paranormal
We begin the first full week of October with a spooky tour of haunted locales. David Weatherly welcomes us aboard the Queen Mary which maintains a full compliment of phantoms. He starts with a tease before recommending The Queen Mary: A Floating Phenomenon that must be watched with the lights on. Next up, Nannette Richford has a 'Long Island Medium' Spoiler Alert: Theresa Caputo Encounters Ghost. While Theresa was lending her talents to the Padre Hotel, she had an unexpected encounter with a plainspoken ghost sharing a secret why this hotel's popular with the restless dead. Not everyone has these innate abilities, relying upon newfangled gadgets like the ominous-sounding Ovilus X. Though this hunt won't be televised, Chelsea Miller had occasion to chat with Chris Page whose Ghost Hunters Scan The Lorain Palace Theatre, Looking For Paranormal. Built in 1928, this landmark has many secrets that defy explanation and the Ohio Researchers of Banded Spirits have come away with more than campfire stories.
Hoaxes don't die, they just get reposted as brand new on link-sharing sites. Good old Loren Coleman takes issue with an infamous photo rearing its ugly head once again. The image isn't from Peru, heck it's not even from South America. There are many faults and outright lies ascribed to the images, and Loren hopes saner minds will prevail when the next crypto-sensation makes the zeitgeist. On the opposite end of the spectrum, but with the same mission, Sharon Hill shakes her head at the story of a Texas Man Makes Interesting Find While Fishing – A Giant Tooth. What makes this notable are the laundry list of flubs from well-meaning reporters who aren't well-versed in science. Given time, retweets, and reposts, there's no telling how this story will be twisted into a local legend.

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