Monday, October 22, 2012

Lion Hunter Has A Showdown With An African Bigfoot (1867)


Extreme Expeditions Trail Cam Photos Analysis Part II


Official Statement From Bart Cutino Regarding New Thermal Footage From Northern Sierras


Texas Local News: Photographer Snaps Picture of Bigfoot

Dr. Steven Greer still insists that he does indeed have access to an actual alien corpse and that it has been examined by experts using CT-scans and X-rays. Greer says the results show it's humanoid but not human and DNA tests are still pending. He also provides an extremely frustrating teaser photo of a photo and tells us to wait for his upcoming documentary on the subject-- Sirius. While we are a bit less skeptical after hearing more details, we still find it difficult to take him... seriously given past experiences. Nothing less than a body studied by well-respected experts and DNA evidence to back it will convince us completely. While we're on the subject of mysterious bodies and well-done hoaxes, Bigfoot Evidence reveals that Loren Coleman has finally obtained the holy grail of crypto hoaxes or crypto evidence, depending on how you look at it: Breaking: Loren Coleman Confirms at Cryptopalooza That his Museum now Owns the Display Body of The Minnesota Iceman! What the story doesn't make clear is that this is actually the model of the Minnesota Iceman that was created by the original owner, promoter, and exhibitor.

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