Sunday, September 09, 2012

Recent BFRO Expedition In Alberta, Canada Yielded Some Awesome Bigfoot Howls




 This Canadian Sasquatch Song For Kids From The Late 1980s Will Soothe Your Soul




 Coast to Coast AM: Man In New Jersey Reports Bigfoot Shape-Shifted Into A Man




 Watch People Hunt For Bigfoot Live, at 10pm ET / 7pm PT




 Possible New Bigfoot Flick Being Filmed In Golden Ears Park




 New Bigfoot Footage Suggests Government Is Covering-Up Bigfoot, That's If You Believe This Guy




 Here's Something Bipedal Walking Behind Some Trees In Maine, And It Ain't No Moose




 Quote of The Day: Justin Smeja Did The Right Thing




 Wow: Ron Morehead Knows All About Bigfoot, Just Read These Excerpts




 Mike Rugg Teases The Lost Patterson Footage




 When Good Bigfoot Go Bad




 Zach Throckmorton On Evolution, Our Feet, And What It Means To Be Humandane101

You don't have to be old and arthritic to be interested in articles about podiatric health. Especially when the man being interviewed, PhD candidate Zach Throckmorton, declares his interest in Bigfoot. Zach gives a brief overview of anthropology and how it relates to anomalous anthropoids. Stranger still is the segue into Peacock High-Strangeness where Nick Redfern finds that peacocks tend to have odd companions ranging from Bigfoot, crop circles, and queerest of all the roadkill that wasn't there. Going further in the Margins Of Cryptozoology: Mastodons And Amerindsare the focus of The Professor's latest offering. Prof lays the groundwork for the existence of these ancient pachyderms, as Thomas Jefferson conjectured to Lewis and Clark, bringing attention to the curious elephant pipes among other artifacts suggesting a time when the west was weird. No less out of place are the giant moggies terrorizing Blighty. Nick Redfern, again much to our pleasure, is In Search Of The English Lions. The felid of Essex isn't the first, nor the last, as Nick gives a stimulating history of alien big cats of the noble variety.

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