Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Our Favorite Matt Moneymaker Memes (Inside Jokes On The Internet)




 Sanger Paranormal Society Swabbing Bigfoot DNA From Car Windshield, With Guards Standing By




 The Erickson Project Is Now Called The Ketchum Project




 Bigfoot In The City Kicks Off in Los Angeles




 Bigfoot Launches Man into Middle of Tent?




 Scott Carpenter Possibly Sent Dogman DNA To Dr. Melba Ketchum




 Today Show: Using DNA to Track Yeti




 "Bigfoot County" Director Denies Viral Campaign




 The Vital Statistics Of the Loch Ness Monster Edinburgh Skeptics

The Edinburgh Skeptics had a meeting to discuss Nessie and the one conclusion they arrived at is that some eyewitness descriptions are unreliable as Nessie has been compared to everything from the size of a car to the size of a tadpole (?) and every color on the spectrum, even pink. However, they did also agree that to disregard all Nessie sightings might be "throwing the baby out with the bathwater", so even though they are skeptical they continue to have an open mind. Refreshing. Not as refreshing is this tired rehash of skeptical arguments against the existence of Bigfoot by a Montana news columnist. He scoffs at all evidence and brings up the same old questions, ie why are there no Bigfoot fossils and how has Bigfoot evaded capture and so on. These are questions that have been explained in-depth by many Bigfoot experts. He claims Sasquatch lives – in imaginations only, which ironic considering the article is pretty unimaginative itself.

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