Monday, September 10, 2012

New Footage: Bigfoot Caught on Tape in the Ouachita National Forest




 Dax Rushlow Shows Everyone How He Bigfoots




 Bigfoot In The City Kicks Off in Los Angeles




 FB/FB Promises "Huge News" Tomorrow For Bigfoot Researchers




 M.K. Davis Talks About His Work And People Not Giving Him Proper Credit




 The Live Bigfoot Hunting Show Cost $75 Per Person To Attend




 Bigfoot Attacks!! Terrifying Tales Of Aggression




 Couple Report 'Big Cat' Sighting In Wakerley Woods Rutland & Stamford Mercury

What happens when a big black cat crosses your path? You make headlines! Kevin and Samantha Timms discovered the publicity which follows in the tracks of alien big cats in the UK. Unlike the reporters, this melanistic moggie was nonplussed by the encounter. Yet this isn't the biggest puzzle faced by cryptozoologists today. The Professor continues dancing At The Margins Of Cryptozoology hoping to suss out the mammoth problem of, well, mammoths. Prof's mounting evidence from luminaries such as WB Smith, Cyrus Thomas, and Henry Henshaw shedding new light upon American Elephant Myths. More baffling is The Tall Tale Of The Sicilian Sea Serpent where the word of naval officers superceded those of scientists who kept the menagerie of unusual suspects open in these sightings. And if you remember from last month, Mike Rugg Teases The Lost Patterson Footageover at the Bigfoot Discovery Museum. As Bigfoot Evidence reports, this reel will be reaching a wider audience putting the famous Patterson-Gimlin film into perspective.

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