Monday, September 03, 2012

Guy With No Girlfriend Shows Off His Limited Edition Bigfoot Sideshow Collectibles Statue




 Here's The Tree Limb Bigfoot Supposedly Threw At Bob Garrett And His Friend




 Beer Conversation: FB/FB Does Not Like Justin Smeja




 Watch: Dr. Sykes Featured On The TODAY Show Talking About The Yeti And DNA




 Convincing Hairy Man Encounter From The Olden Days




 Watch This: Bigfoot Throws Tree Limb At Man, Tears A Muscle In His Arm




 Approaching Sasquatch Hunting As An Academic Sac Bee

Jeff Meldrum is one of a very few academics who has devoted his life to Bigfoot research and as this interview puts it, discovering the truth behind Sasquatch is Meldrum's legacy. On the other side of the pond, Glasgow Boy amasses a lengthy collection on The Culture of Nessie, from movies to children's books.

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