Friday, September 07, 2012

Can't Get To Church On Sunday? Here's a Free Sermon By Bamabuckster1 (No Comments Allowed)




 One Day, We'll Catch Bigfoot With One Of These Cheetah Robots




 The New Generation of Bigfooters




 Finding Bigfoot U.K. Has a "Sarcastic" Voice Over Guy?




 When Good Bigfoot Go Bad




 Look Out Meldrum, There's Another Bigfoot Anthropologist in Town




 Wunnumin Lake's Mysterious Bigfoot Family Wawatay News

Ontario, Canada, is the latest hotspot for Bigfoot sightings, the most recent being this photograph showing what is either Bigfoot or a person in a suit or one very interesting tree stump near Lake Wunnumin. The area has a long history of sightings. The Black Sea is another area with a history of crypid sightings, and Loren Coleman shares this rather lengthy and detailed history he received along with a New Black Sea Monster Photograph. Scroll down to the comments for a full translation. And lastly, Karl Shuker wonders, When Did The Carolina Parakeet Really Die Out? He shares some rarely seen images of the beautiful extinct bird.

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