Friday, August 03, 2012

Throat of Bigfoot, Comparison of Sasquatch voice and howls

The Throat of Bigfoot: Comparison of the Voice and Howls Analysis of the Bigfoot speech and howls audio from the Cooler video. Audio has been ...
by TeamYin  21 hours ago  71 views

Bigfoot Isn't Real

I'm back people, and I still don't believe in Bigfoot! Its true, my account was infiltrated by a fanatical Bigfoot believer and my videos were ...
by ZackMyslinski  5 hours ago  No views

Sasquatch with Redchun slideshow highlights

This is a slideshow created with frame captures from the video that I shot while out with Redchun in an area that I experienced a larger tree ...
by headlinessuck  13 hours ago  1 view

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