Thursday, August 02, 2012

Photos Of The Day: Not Everything Is Bigfoot Related





Watch This Video About The Russian Bigfoot




Southeast Oklahoma Bigfoot Research and Preservation Society





Study Introduces New Scientific Debate Regarding Bigfoot's Existence





Checks date on calendar, notes that it is not April 1st. If this were true, why are the people affected able to escape so easily? Unless it's used as a warning in which case, why would Bigfoot need a warning system when he's at the top of the food chain wherever he is? Vicar Lee argues the case for Bigfoot existence by pointing out that if humans can be considered "normal" on the scale (foot), and since Littlefoot has been proven to exist (the recently discovered "hobbit" people) then common sense dictates that Bigfoot must also exist to even out the scale: Foot, Bigfoot and Littlefoot. Does that make us the troublesome middle child? In other cryptid news, Illinois director of the North American Fortean Society, Ben Peveler says he had a Jaguarundi Sighting In Southern Illinois.


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