Sunday, August 12, 2012

M.K. Davis Enhances Pennsylvania White Bigfoot Footage, No One Complains About It Being A Pony




 Possible Sasquatch Hand Found In Northern B.C. Canada




 1980 Sighting Suggests New York Baby Bigfoot Probably Real




 Road Trip Planner For Bigfooters




 We Have Difficulty Understanding It. But There Is A Sea Serpent Dagbladet

We also had difficulty understanding it, which is why we used Google Translate. Something's lurking in Europe's deepest lake and the unusual suspects have not been ruled out by Norway's finest. Hilda Nyfløt has the breaking story. Another international issue has arisen with The Champ With Dual Citizenship. The lake monster can be a point of contention between Americans and polite Canadians. What they do agree on is that something is frolicking 'neath Lake Champlain's surface, and Robin does an exemplary job giving the chronology behind sightings with the evidence. Speaking of sightings, After Syfy Show Investigation Of Hairy Man, Local Resident Continues Looking For Bigfoot. Even after his fifteen minutes of fame, Mike Quast is still on the trail, according to Sam Benshoof. William Giraldi joins the chorus of "Let's Get Bigfoot!" with a brief profile of the Finding Bigfoot team. Rounding out the menagerie is Ken Summers who enjoyed Linda Godfrey's latest. Godfrey is making a name for herself in fortean circles. Kick back and enjoyThe Werewolf at the Door: A Hair-Raising Review.

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