Tuesday, August 07, 2012

A Century After Piltdown Man Hoax, Scientists Are Still Publishing False Studies




 Here's The Official Preview For Finding Bigfoot Season 3




 We Are Currently Interviewing "The Sierra Kill Driver"




 New Footage: A Trapper In Alberta Canada Took This Amazing Photo Of Bigfoot




 Dr. Matthew A. Johnson: Does Our Government Know About Bigfoot? [Oregon Caves, Sierra Kills]




 Trail Cam From Alberta Snaps Surprisingly Clear Image of.. Bigfoot? Who Forted

We admit that at first glance we were stunned by this photo, but upon a closer look and the statement from the owners of the trail cam we now see two bears: an adult with its rear-end to the camera and a bear cub next to the adult, with its head lowered. Conclusion: No Bigfoot here but a mindblowing example of paredolia instead. The Temagami Bigfoot photographs may be of a different non-Bigfoot source altogether...pure hoax. Bigfoot Evidence asks Are The Temagami Ontario Bigfoot Photographs Photoshopped? and the opinions range from photoshopped fake to a man in a ghille suit fake to a photoshopped man in a ghille suit fake. Conclusion: Still no Bigfoot here but a good example of a poorly rendered fake.

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