Sunday, July 29, 2012

Toby Cancels 2012 Oregon Sasquatch Symposium





Jacki Hartley has been haunted by a singular creature all her life. Since the tender age of four she's been terrorized by this beast, or at least members of its species. Good thing Dr. Karl Shuker is on the case as he eliminates the possible, welcoming the improbable as the beast resembles the Raymondville man-bats. Karl provides accounts of both of these creatures, humbly asking for others to share similar experiences. There's always the outside possibility the BWMB is a figment of one's imagination. World traveller Malcolm Smith waxes poetic On Tulpas, Guardian Angels, And Figments Of The Imagination. His experiences travelling through Bhutan have opened his eyes to the concept of thought forms made manifest through sheer will--from jolly fat monks, to an eerie account of a guardian angel acting as psychopomp before the eyes of a child.

Bigfoot Concept Mask

Here is a Bigfoot concept mask that we are working on for our up and coming Bigfoot Documentary. Redcastle Productions has created an indiegogo ...
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