Thursday, July 26, 2012

Photos Of The Day: Non-Bigfoot Hands





How Wally Hersom, The Most Powerful Man In Bigfoot Made His Money





This Bear Cub Rescue Will Make You Smile, Justin Smeja Agrees





Justin Smeja Gets Grilled By Sasquatch Scoop





Watch This Awesome Promo For An Awesome Bigfoot Documentary: Truth In The Mountains





Here's Your Chance To Meet Guy Edwards: Sasquatch Sunday at Dig A Pony





Watch Tenacious D's Jack Black Play One Of Their Greatest Hits: Sasquatch [WTF]





Listen To Finding Bigfoot's Ranae Holland On The Bigfoot Field Reporter Radio Tonight At 7 PM EST / 4 PM PST (Update: Time Changed to 3PM)





Official Website of Letters From The Big Man Launched Today





HBO's The Newsroom: Bigfoot is Real





Loren Coleman shares a story from artist Jeff H. Johnson concerning reports of wildmen seeking revenge for the killing of their kind in Vietnam. There is an equally disturbing story in the comments about US soldiers in Vietnam having to recover bodies quickly because "apes" would come out of the forest and eat them. As the commenter says, "there are no apes in Vietnam". Coleman points out that there could very well be a lot more of these sorts of stories from that part of the world but we will likely never hear them. Forteania bids happy birthday to Momo the Missouri Monster - 40 yrs On. The tall, hairy, smelly and infamously dog-eating creature was spotted only during a brief period in 1972, but Missourians haven't forgotten him. 

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