Monday, July 23, 2012

Despite the fact that the cast is broken and not the best one we've ever seen, we're glad that Bigfoot has finally put in a new appearance. Has Bigfoot been on vacation lately? The Vicar's Lamp reports on a much lesser-known creature, El Diablo del Maiz, (Devil of the Corn), a vicious animal that has been described as both reptilian and owlish. Diablo del Maiz has only been sighted in parts of southern Illinois by migrant workers, who describe it burrowing into the dirt and lying in wait for unsuspecting prey to walk past. The creature is shrouded in mythology and legends as is often the case, bearing a more than slight resemblance to the gravoids of Tremor. Oddly enough, sightings were reported first in the early 90s right around the time of the movie's debut.

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