Monday, July 30, 2012

Farmer In Orick, California Claims He Shot A Bigfoot





Ketchum's Bigfoot DNA Paper Coming Soon...





No Takers on $80,000 Bigfoot, Price Goes Up to $85,000





io9 thinks they have solved the riddle to Bigfoot's existence. We think they had a slow weekend and couldn't think of anything else to write about. Their "theory" is based on the discovery of animals thought to be previously extinct, and then there's something about how the hunt for a certain species stops after 12 searches and then the animal is assumed to not exist. Huh? Among other fallacies, we'd like to point out that it is safe to assume that Bigfoot is a reasonably intelligent creature and is probably hiding from civilization on purpose, thus eluding discovery as much as possible. Elsewhere, the University of Washington presents some rather startling news and informs the world that the human family tree has another branch we have not identified yet and apparently we were very close to these cousins of ours because Sex with early mystery species of humans seen in DNA, UW researcher says. Traces of the unknown DNA has turned up in DNA samples of modern people.

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