Sunday, July 29, 2012

Breaking News About The OSS

This is a very difficult letter forme to write you all, but It needs to be written, but the OSS 2012 has been called off.
The cancellation is due to lack of interest in ticket sales for pre-registration.. In other words the numbers do not add up at all for me to continue forward. We have over 400members on the OSS website, and only about 4%  those members have showninterest in attending. Just to give an example, the 2010 OSS had over 140 preregistered tickets that we’re requested by now. The OSS 2011 conference at CWBhad very powerful pre reg. numbers as well, even with its smaller more intimatesize.For some reason, this conference just has not caught on.
Refunds for Pre Registered OSS tickets will be made in full to those who bought them online and who paid inperson. I will send an email to each one of you personally by the 15thof August  and if for some reason you donot get that email, please email me with your receipt for ticket entry and agood address I can send you a refund. Refunds in total will be mailed out bythe 13th of October.
If you have a hotel reservation, Isuggest you cancel the reservation now.
Any further questions you have onthe who, how and why of it all, can be emailed.
 Thank You for yourunderstanding
See you in the trees
Toby A. Johnson

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