Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Biologist With 50 Years Experience Comments On Sierra Kills





Kid's YouTube Account Hacked By Bigfoot Believers After Giving Team Tazer Bigfoot The Bird





Robert Lindsay: Ketchum DNA paper should publish from August 21 – September 4, 2012 (Update: Ketchum responds)





Robert Lindsay Releases High Resolution Photos Of Sierra Kills Bigfoot Steak (Update: Ketchum Says Steak Not Real)





M.K. Davis Releases Video Of Bigfoot Dragging Ice Chest And Opening It!





Two Really Bad Hoax Videos Surfaced Today (Update: Added one more)





Goat Man Seen Trailing Herd in Utah Mountains




Are TV Shows Like Finding Bigfoot Afraid To Show "Genuine Experts" On TV?





FB/FB Wants You To Watch A Chimp Drown Because It Proves They Are Once Again RIGHT




Clifford LaBrecque Selling Life Size Bigfoot Replica for $80,000 On Ebay





Giants Pitcher Brian Wilson Continues to Embrace Sasquatch





No Takers on $80,000 Bigfoot, 2 Days Left




A critique of “Finding Bigfoot" by Brian Regal who teaches history of science at Kean University. He admits that "Sasquatch-like creatures may actually exist" but that "stumbling around the woods claiming every blip on an infrared scope or twig snap is a ‘squatch' isn’t helping the searchers’ case." Why don't the intelligent, capable, trained individuals who do scientific work searching for cryptozoological creatures get more coverage, he wonders? Our cryptozoological roundup continues with the basilisk, which looked like the hybrid of a snake and a rooster and terrorized Europe and North Africa for centuries. The best known of all basilisk accounts, however, is the strange tale of the Warsaw basilisk of 1587. Follow Mike Dash as he goes On the Trail of the Warsaw Basilisk. While the basilisk may be a creature of the past, phantom black dogs are still being seen today. Here is the tale of Phantom Black Dog in Denmark seen in 2001, just before the 9-11 attacks. And finally we have The Lachlan Stuart Photograph (Part 1), which takes a second look at the skeptical claims around the 1951 photograph of a series of triangular protrusions in the waters of Loch Ness. Trying to make sense out of the various versions of the story is an exercise in confusion. But Glasgow Boy does an awesome job trying to sort it all out. 

MKDavis discusses the night visitor video.

, provides fascinating vocals and dimly lit video action. What are they saying? ... Greenwave 2010 fb ... Bigfoot Sasquatch Paranormal MKDavis ...
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Trip to Ohio

in the woods.Thanks to headlinessuck and bfbeliever1! ... redchun ... Redchun bigfoot sasquatch yeti yowie grassman skunkape wildman wild woods ...
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Take Me to The River , Sasquatch Sighting Location

Here we are trying to find an area that a possible Sasquatch was sighted in . We found the general area but the exact spot was unknown .
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