Saturday, June 09, 2012

We Can't Decide Whose Story Sounds More Unbelievable, Justin Smeja Or This Guy Named Tim "Coonbo" Baker





H. Heidelbergensis and Sasquatch





Illustrations of the two Bigfoot Shot in the Sierra Kills Story





Conventional wisdom has promulgated the "Out of Africa" theory for humanity's origins. No surprise, considering the fossil record of the dark continent. Now paleontology is being turned on its ear again, and Ann Gibbons lays it out for us how Africa didn't corner the market as the cradle of our species. Indeed we may all be Asians as the evidence bears out. From wandering primates to wandering continents, Stephen Smith has found some Serious Issues With Plate Tectonics. David Pratt's recent paper in the Journal of Scientific Exploration, focusing on Alaska's patchwork terranes, suggests the original theory is far from perfect. Stephen enumerates all eight arguments questioning conventional wisdom, not to mention the electrodynamical forces behind the formation of our planet. In other news, George Dvorsky wants us to meet Meet SETI’s New Boss: Geoff Marcy, The Planet Hunter. In the course of his career, Geoff has discovered over 100 worlds, giving him an edge on where to look to discover as many species among the stars. Check out this interview where Geoff shares his passion and vision for SETI in the coming years.

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