Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Watch this really well done short film about finding Bigfoot, it's hilarious





Day Trip To The Bigfoot Discovery Museum : Sasquatch & the Supernatural Event





Steven Streufert Explores The World of Bigfoot Pareidolia





The Further Adventures of Captain Jack Bindernagel [Fiction]





Cape Cod Creature Cryptomundo
Cryptomundo gives us the first "Weird dead thing washed up on the beach" story of the summer with this mysterious dead...something that appeared on the beach at Cape Cod. Bigfoot Evidence tells us that Bob Heironimus Wasn't The Only "Man In The Suit" in the infamous "Patty" Bigfoot footage. Just how many people claimed to wear the suit? Enough to drive Bigfoot researchers crazy. Ever wonder what you would do if you are ever faced with an encounter of the unknown sort? What if you spot Bigfoot or a lake monster or the like, Should You Tell? Nick Redfern says yes, you should go public but he cautions that you should always be aware of the potential for backlash and ridicule.

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