Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Man Finds Bigfoot Lair In Carroll County





How To Do A Bigfoot Call Like A Pro





The Old Guards Of Bigfoot Versus The Newbies





Bigfoot Book Blog presents a in-depth and very amusing look at the blobsquatch investigations of the grandfathers of Bigfoot paredidolia, MK Davis and Jon-Erik Beckjord. There's a nice photo collection of blobsquatch, hidden squatches, invisible squatches and our favorite--spots where Bigfoot was standing just seconds before the photo was taken. Nick Redfern delves into the origin of Bigfoot and his crypto cousins like Nessie and wonders if they're really Cryptids or Ghosts? due to their elusive nature. Tony Morril goes even further down the rabbit hole and questions the origin of UFOs and other forteana and encounters some strange synchronicity in the process: Demonic UFOs. 
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