Sunday, June 03, 2012


Check out this cool trailer for a book titled: "Skunk Ape Semester" - A Paranormal Road Trip





Sorry Paul Hulsey!





Sweet Looking Man Recalls Bigfoot Sighting From 30 Years Ago





Which Research Method Will Ultimately Find Bigfoot?





Is This Video One Of The Best Evidence Supporting The Existence Of Sasquatch?





While at Creature Weekend, Linda Godfrey overheard an old tale which was new to her. Looks like Bigfoot was moonlighting as a camp counselor in southeastern Wisconsin, according to this former student. As you'll discover, this camp has a storied history with our favorite hominid. Another happy camper is continuing his series with part two on the Difficulties Of Photographing Bigfoot. We covered part one last Sunday. This time A.Z. has suggestions for avoiding blobsquatches, delivering high quality images of these lumbering beasts. Our tip to budding photographers, bring a friend. If you get on the bad side of a sasquatch, you'll only have to outrun your buddy. As you enjoy his terrified screams while you start your engine; you may wonder, like Loren Coleman, If Bigfoot Eats A Human, Is It A Cannibal? From fearsome wendigos and terrible forest giants, does sasquatch share their taste for long pig? Until the DNA results come back from the lab, we'll just have to imagine. Go ahead, give your two cents at CryptoMundo. Speaking of the genetic testing, Jeffery Pritchett has an Interview with The Sasquatch Hunters Of Florida On New DNA Evidence at The Examiner. Stacy Brown, Jr. gives his down-to-earth approach, personal experiences, and plans to contribute samples for evaluation.

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