Monday, May 14, 2012

Watch Matt Moneymaker Turn A Few Skeptics Into Believers Over Night





The Adventures of Jack Bindernagel [Humor]





A 1995 excursion into the Utah mountains gave a couple way more than just fall leaves to gawk at. The couple reportedly encountered a Bigfoot and give an incredibly detailed description of the creature. It appeared more human than anything else and hunched over and ran away from them in a crouched position, apparently more scared of them than they were of it. It is the day for Bigfoot questions as Bigfoot Evidence asks Are tracking dogs the key to locating a Sasquatch? and Loren Coleman asks: Is It Time To Revisit Hypnotizing Bigfoot Witnesses? Coleman also wonders, Are Bigfoot Witnesses Really Seeing Reptoids? It's a question that is not as odd as it sounds. 

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