Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Using Leeches To Find Bigfoot





Mike Rugg's Bigfoot Sightings Report: Glen Canyon and Big Basin





In expeditions into the deep forests of the Philippines, scientists were lucky enough to mange to snap photos of not one but two endangered species, the Spotted Deer and the Visayan Warty Pig. The photographs were snapped by trail cameras because the area is so dense that researchers likened it to "The Lost World" and say they only gained access via an empty spot where a tree had fallen. Ever in pursuit of yet another elusive target, Bigfoot conferees cite track record as the annual Ohio Bigfoot Conference. The conference was filled with the usual assortment of scientific lectures, eyewitness accounts and photographic and video evidence and also...Bigfoot cookies. Meanwhile, Cryptomundo shows us an unexpected link between the bizarre Kelly Creatures and Ivan T. Sanderson and John Keel. And finally, in a bit of entertaining detective work Karl Shuker solves a personal mystery and finally answers his question Wolverine, Wolverine, Where Have You Been? It's a mystery that has plagued him since childhood--the identity of a strange creature that frightened a frontier family in an old tv show that Shuker watched decades ago. Shuker finally tracks down the solution to his puzzle and also points out that solving such a small sort of mystery can be equally as exciting and rewarding as finding the answers to much larger conundrums. We agree

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