Monday, May 07, 2012

Stan Gordon gives us a peek inside his case files with 3 cases he's working on in Pennsylvania, from a shape-shifting kangaroo-like creature with talons to a flying "dragon". PA is not the only state with high-strangeness afoot lately as a Mutilated Calf is a Mystery in Dodge County, Georgia. The 4- month-old calf was found dead and missing a large circle of hide that had been removed with "surgical precision". There is actually a $1000 reward for information on this case.

Jeffery Pritchett gets the story behind the legend of Skinwalkers and other Navajo folklore and JC Johnson's opinion on Bigfoot and the mysterious disappearances of people in National Parks. And in other Bigfoot news, Bigfoot Evidence reports on The 6 Ways That Bigfoots Talk To Each Other. Unlike his distant cousins, Bigfoot does not have a cellphone permanently attached to his hand and has to rely on stomping, whistling, clicking and even Scooby Doo noises. Yes, you read that correctly-apparently some researchers have encountered a "Shaggy and Scooby" type laughing sound in the woods. For some reason that sounds a whole lot more unsettling than tree knocking or whistling. Finally we have Holy-Matt-Moneymaker-On-A-Pogo-Stick! Arla Williams Reveals "Bigfoot Birthing Station", or alleged evidence of Bigfoot that is not blurry. Unfortunately, it's in the form of a video taken of a slide show of images at a conference. A classic habituator, Arla Williams claims to be in close contact with a tribe of Bigfoot and has photos to prove it...sort of. She has no photos of Bigfoot as she says she refuses to take them for some unfathomable reason. Williams has plenty of intriguing photos of everything but Bigfoot though. She even has a photograph of a "baby structure", which she says is sort of like a primitive baby crib where baby Bigfoot is kept. Williams also insists Bigfoot uses symbols and has a distinct culture much like humans. We would love to believe her story which is quite compelling, but it's hard to do so when she cannot provide any real evidence, such as hair samples or a photograph. 

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