Sunday, May 06, 2012

Robert Lindsay: Why Dr. Melba Ketchum cancelled her appointment at the Forest People’s Conference





Holy-Matt-Moneymaker-On-A-Pogo-Stick! Arla Williams Reveals "Bigfoot Birthing Station"





Everything You Need to Know About Bigfoot in 21 Minutes





Unsurprising news from the Chief of Staff for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. In an exhaustively bureaucratic letter to John Lloyd Scharf, which crossed Loren Coleman's desk, it appears that sasquatch falls into the nongame category making it fair game for trigger-happy hunters. Presented verbatim for all of our cryptozoologists. Across the pond where the police lack guns, there's been a Sighting Of Mystery Animal In Hale. According to Sue Langham's account this beast is a frequent visitor in the neighborhood. Many have come forward about this tan, dog-sized varmint that defies categorization. Even if this animal is discovered and identified, there's no telling how welcome it will be. Take, if you will, the the story of the Loch Ness Monster Ordered Out Of Wisconsin River. On the bright side this isn't the real Nessie nor a real lake monster. Yet a mystery surrounds this errant sculpture, regarding the agency behind its appearance.

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