Thursday, May 03, 2012

From the High Strangness Files, a Man called Da Da wants to know how and why the earth recently had a solar wind reversal and exactly what are those strange objects captured on multiple camera views hoveirng near the sun. Not surprisingly, NASA deleted the footage that showed the objects but in the age of the internet nothing is ever really deleted for good. In even higher strangeness, Jeffery Pritchett presents Sasquatch and UFOs and the high strange connection 'Interview with Stan Gordon.
  Digitell to Live Stream the Bigfoot Expo to Your Computer
PR Web (press release)
Digitell, Inc. of Jamestown, NY has been hired to stream the upcoming Bigfoot Conference on May 6th, 2012. See the following link: Bigfoot is a legendary, ape-like human who has been reportedly sighted from California ...
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 TV: Five shows worth watching tonight
Globe and Mail
Is Bigfoot real? Ever since blurry footage of an apelike creature scampering in the woods of Northern California surfaced in 1967, the scientific community has debated the creature's existence. To this day, sightings are reported every day in locations ...
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