Sunday, May 13, 2012


Spanish Fork, Utah Witnesses Gives Incredible Description of Bigfoot After Minutes Long Sighting





Listen To Alleged Sasquatch Vocalizations From the "Michigan Recording Project"





It's the con that almost wasn't. Even though Don Keating bowed out as host, a passel of Ohio Bigfooters stepped up and pulled off an admirable conference. Drawing from all walks of life, from Finding Bigfoot enthusiasts to serious researchers, they came together for several eye-opening talks. Kwin the Eskimo gives his experiences, the schooling of so-called 'squatchers', and much more. Now the chairs are folded, presentations put away, leaving the Pritchard Laughlin Civic Center the way it was, but over in England the Weird Weekend conference wasn't so meticulous. There's been A Monster-Sized Mistake and Nick Redfern is on the case of a rare British bigfoot sighting which reinforces it's about the journey, not the destination. Another case of mistaken identity is presented by Tyler Stone, effortlessly sussing out the mystery behind the difference in orang pendek sightings that the Orang Pendek Not One Animal, But Two! Rather than leaving his readers hanging, Tyler presents his educated guesses on their nature. Over at CryptoMundo, Nick Redfern raises his shaven head to join the chorus of the same topic. Today he's Reviewing Orang-Pendek Sumatra's Forgotten Ape by Richard Freeman. Indeed, Freeman's latest opus is important as it emphasizes field work in cryptozoology over research online and in books. Nick's floored by Freeman's four expeditions, revealing new data on "Littlefoot". Even if you're not in the sultry jungles of Sumatra, rest assured there's Something In The Woods by your own backyard. This time Nick takes on ABC's following a story from Jonathan Downes which is a head scratcher. How come DNA of a sub-Saharan leopard has been found in Britain yet the numerous wildlife cameras have yet to catch one on film? Perhaps it's a case of mistaken identity that Nick hopes, yet again, to clear up.





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