Wednesday, May 16, 2012

FB/FB claims their policy is to only show "real" Bigfoot videos, then turns around and posts a brand new fake one





Common Sense Will Eliminate Hoaxes





This Joe Rogan Bigfoot Debate With Chael Sonnen Will Pump You Up For The Next UFC Fight






Watch This Pretty Awesome Fake Trailer For A Bigfoot Movie Inspired By Joe Rogan (Update: The video is back online)





Little moments like this is the reason why MonsterQuest still rocks





Woman Finds Possible "Bigfoot" Activity In Her Backyard, Matt Moneymaker Unable To Rescue Her From The Creepy Noise Last Night





Small Village Boy In Waukesha County, Wisconsin Filed Police Report After Spotting Bigfoot Behind School, Skeptics Not Blaming 'Finding Bigfoot' Yet...





What is this creature lurking in the forest in the background of a photograph taken in 1995? The photographer says he did not notice the weird form until he looked through the pictures later. The mystery animal appears to have a dog-like snout or a baboon-shaped head and is carrying something under its arm in a 'football hold', which has been observed more than once during Bigfoot encounters. The prevailing theory is that it's holding a white dog. The creature does not have the typical appearance of Sasquatch and it brings up the question, is there more than one species of Bigfoot out there? Nick Redfern takes us on a field trip On the Monstrous Road to Lake Ray Roberts, Texas, an area that has had many Bigfoot sightings and a location that has at least one theory claiming that there is an inter-dimensional portal that Bigfoot uses. Meanwhile, scientists tell us that an Ancient 'Loch Ness monster' suffered from arthritis in jaw and eHow gives us a list of the UK's Top Unsolved Mysteries.

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