Saturday, May 05, 2012

Dr. Melba Ketchum Phones Into Bigfoot Conference, Proves To Some People That She Exists





Camping: A Bigfoot Habituator's Experience





The 6 Ways That Bigfoots Talk To Each Other





Learn To Sketch Sierra Kills Bigfoot In Under 4 Minutes





Looks like the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy has only shot pictures of Bigfoot, despite their agenda for bagging one of these beasts. Way back in 2000, Russell Lumpmouth inadvertently snapped a few pictures after a party revealing an uninvited guest. There's plenty more where that came from with the Sasquatch on the Oklahoma Prairie interview. As previously mentioned, the kill/no kill debate remains hotly contested in crypto-circles. Gayne Young asks, "Would You Shoot Bigfoot?" Conventional wisdom, and Loren Coleman, side with the maxim of "shoot only pictures, while they leave only footprints". There's no telling where most organizations stand, not to mention the last law protecting our hairy homonids has expired. Getting more metaphysical, Damian Bravo's latest contribution is sure to raise some eyebrows as he ponders The Fantastical Abilities of Sasquatch, UFO’s, Forest People and The Cain Connection. Damian's turf is terra incognita to all, save the mavericks among us. From telepathy, the bigfoot/flying saucer connection, Biblical correspondences, and more make for an intriguing exposé upon one of our favorite topics.

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