Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bigfoot conferences are booming, even without proof
Mother Nature Network
Guests at the Ohio Bigfoot Conference in Cambridge April 29 included biologist John Bindernagel, who was part of a group of researchers claiming to have ...

Watch Dr. Jeff Meldrum Talk About Why The "Dr. Stephen Hawkings" of Human DNA Is Interested In Bigfoot





Bigfoot, UFO's, Beer, and JalapeƱos





Sasquatchalliance, where are you?





Bigfootology's "known hybrid-offspring of human and Bigfoot" [Bigfoot DNA]





Dr. Meldrum And "Dr. Stephen Hawkings" of Human DNA Working On Bigfoot DNA Project? Blurry Stick Structures Are Just As Important Says One Ketchum Follower





Nessie on Land_ An Overview Loch Ness Mystery
Glasgow Boy presents an exhaustive study of Nessie sightings on land, mostly along the road that parallels the Loch. His research reveals that land sightings stretch back 130 years, even before the traditional Nessie sightings began. In other scaly creature news, Karl Shuker revisits a childhood book and attempts to solve a 90-year-old mystery: Ebony Encounters Of The Serpentine Kind while Beachcombing shares the tale of The Great Snake Scare of 1828. And lastly, Loren Coleman takes a humorous approach as he wonders What Purpose Are The Reptilians? 

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