Monday, April 30, 2012

Who Is The Number One Female Bigfoot Researcher In The Country?





Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas and Oklahoma make up a quartet of states with a higher than average number of Bigfoot sightings, dating back centuries. In fact, the sightings reported in that area are among the earliest recorded in the entire country. One such sighting in the mid-19th century prompted an eyewitness to write, "It cannot be caught and nobody is willing to shoot it." That could serve well as a motto for today's Bigfoot hunters, actually. A man named Harlan Ford had sightings of a very different nature in 1970s Louisiana...of his own feet inside a pair of shoes with "claws" attached faking Bigfoot tracks. Bigfoot Evidence tells us exactly How The Honey Island Swamp Monster Was Hoaxed and how some Bigfoot hunters were fooled until the hoaxer shoes were found. The shoes were apparently not all that well hidden, since locals knew all about them and one woman claimed to have taken them to school for show and tell day. Meanwhile, Tyler Stone gives us all a lesson in marine cryptozoology with an in-depth chart listing all the variations of Modern Marine Reptiles and Loch Ness Mystery shows us a photograph of the man behind the first known photo of Nessie and gives us a little more back story on Hugh Gray: The Man and His Monster. He goes on to convincingly show that the simple position of the shadow in the Nessie photo lends a lot of credence to the photo as being genuine evidence. Hugh Gray was reviled at the time and for decades afterward as a hoaxer. Sometimes, crypto beasts of legendary status make an unlikely comeback, as Karl Shuker shows us: In Tune with the New Guinea Singing Dog. This canine was once near-extinct and rarely sighted and now the breed is all over the world both as pets and in zoos. 
 Bigfoot conferees cite track record
Columbus Dispatch
By Jennifer Smith Richards Well, no — of course, a Bigfoot didn't show. They don't want to be found, you know. But the annual Ohio Bigfoot Conference in Cambridge went on yesterday without one of the creatures, often described as 9 feet tall, ...
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