Friday, March 30, 2012

Watch This New Guinea Tribe's Amazing First Contact Documented On Film (Includes Spoiler)





Ro Sahebi’s Full Interview With "JavaBob" About The Bigfoot DNA Study





What is this Crypto Crew
The Crypto Crew brings us an intriguing albeit blurry photograph of a mystery creature spotted in Arkansas. As is often the case, the strange blobby animal was not seen at the time of the photo and the Crypto Crew's painstaking zooming and clarifying of the image leaves us with many more questions. Are those eyes? Is this thing upright and bipedal? Hopefully, this odd beast will photobomb another backyard photo and we'll have a better look. In the Terribly Misinformed News Department: Black Cat = New Species? Cryptomundo once again warns against misidentifcation of odd creature sightings. Not every mystery big cat is a mystery or in some cases, even a big cat. The media seems overly eager to label every unexplained cat sighting as something far bigger than it really is. In this case, it seems they've labeled a house cat as a rare breed of leopard in Bangladesh. And finally, Loch Ness Mystery gives us a complete archive of the Rip Hepple Nessletter Archive. The Nessletter ran from 1975-1985 and is chock full of Nessie info. This impressive list is well worth a look. 

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