Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Trailer For New Season Of Destination Truth Shows Blip Of "Huge Foot Print"





3.4 Million Year Old Foot In Ethiopia Suggest Bipedal Species Had Opposable Big Toe [Video]





Native people and the Sasquatch





Is the LA Times getting serious about Bigfoot? Not in your life. What they're serious about is television, of course. The blurb says it all: "Real or not, Sasquatch is a larger-than-life figure on TV. It's not so much a search for the creature as a hunt for ratings." At the Bigfoot Evidence blog, a guest post by Josh Brown, an physical anthropology major from California, wonders if there is a Conspiracy To Promote Sasquatch. Could there be an active secret society that seeks to perpetuate the Bigfoot "myth"? Sounds like the making of a Hollywood movie to us. Has cryptozoology lost its soul? Make that "Soule." Loren Coleman writes about the time When Cryptozoology Had Soule, specifically a writer from the '50s and '60s named Gardner Soule who wrote such books as The Maybe Monsters and The Mystery Monsters but who now has disappeared from the popular cryptozoology scene. Can anyone fill in his biography? Finally, Karl Shuker is interviewed in Beyond Bigfoot: the science of cryptozoology, where he talks about more than 100 years of discovery of hidden animals and new species, the subject of his new book: The Encycloapedia of New and Rediscovered Animals.

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