Saturday, March 31, 2012

Seminole Project Finding Strange Looking Artifacts In Florida Swamp





The Pacific Northwest has been Bigfoot territory since time immemorial. Over the years Bigfoot has been sighted in 49 of the USA's 50 states. Yet the Northwest remains a hotbed for hairy hominids. Bellamy Pailthorp meets us at the crossroads of folklore and science for insight on this enduring mystery. Of course, such stories are nothing without pictures and this set is more than a thousand words: Photos Of The Day: Lupe Mendoza's Possible Bigfoot Encounter. Has a sasquatch family been captured for posterity? Should you dare to join the hunt, learn about Sasquatch – From the Bottom Up Part 1; Big Feet, giving helpful tracking advice, an overview of Bigfoot anatomy, and a frame of reference when making your first big find.

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