Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Robert Schmalzbach (Java Bob) puts into question Dr. Melba Ketchum and her Bigfoot DNA Research

Purported Bigfoot Sound Recorded Near Conway, New Hampshire

Famous Bigfoot Researchers Like Matt Moneymaker Receive Evidence Like This All The Time

Excellent L.A. Times Article: "Bigfoot? He's not so elusive"

Damian Bravo examines the possibility of genetic mutations and adaptations among Bigfoot, most notably in eyes which account for the strange "eye shine" often reported. Taking a look at Bigfoot Experts and Science Academics Tom Fonner compares researchers "in the field" with "armchair researchers" and concludes that both are important but he believes the work of true researchers out gathering evidence is sometimes overshadowed by those who have never set foot in the woods. And finally, Texas Bigfoot gives a big thumbs-up to The Beast of Boggy Creeek in their Book Review. The book is all about the infamous 1970s Bigfoot encounter that has become a fixture of film and folklore, as well as about the sightings that continue to this day.

Boggy Creek Book Arrives

Cryptozoologist: 1999

Update: Leader Of Bigfoot Expedition Cited For Permit Violation

When Cryptozoology Had Soule

Funded!: Letters From The Big Man Kickstarter Project

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