Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Extinct? Podcast Episode 1 [Podcast]

What's On Radio Tonight: Bigfoot Tonight Will Interview Lyle Blackburn

Tim Fasano talks about ignorance in the Bigfoot world

Matt Moneymaker addresses BFRO's National Park Service citation

Brent & Sean discuss Bigfoot blogs and Ghillie suits

A Dutch Mermaid Beachcombing's Bizarre History Blog
Our professor combing the beach of history has blown the sand off an odd story of a clutch of milkmaids who caught a mermaid. The odd part has their quarry staying out of water and living happily ever after, receiving a Christian burial. It turns out that the Netherlands have more mermaid legends than you can shake a fishing pole at than merry old England. And over at Bigfoot Evidence, we have TeamTazerBigfoot's Incredible Interview With A Bigfoot Witness In Maine. Submitted for your approval is a unique account of a man stumbling upon a sasquatch while hiking through the woods. The level of detail recalled is remarkable and bound to raise a stir among cryptozoologists. And finishing off today's trifecta of cryptids, we have the announcement from the International Cryptozoology Museum of Atlas Obscura Day and 35th Dover Demon Anniversary.

Craig, Keel, and Cosmic Coincidences: Beyond Birthdays

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