Sunday, February 12, 2012

Other Stories That May Be On Tonight's Finding Bigfoot "Virginia Is For Bigfoot Lovers" Episode

Bigfoot may not be smarter than the average bear, or hominin, yet these wiley beasts have an edge allowing them to avoid detection and capture. The Facebook Find Bigfoot Guy presents video to give new insights to the Sasquatch psyche, revolving around the creature's situational and strategic intelligence, like that of it's relative, the gibbon, only giving theillusion of preternatural abilities. Elsewhere, Nick Redfern goes looking for something other than blooming wolfbane on a brightly moonlit autumn night and comes up with the surprising evidence of a mental malady, perhaps brought on by a cereal fungus, explained in Lair of the Beasts: Origins of the Werewolf. Meanwhile, those out-of-place large felids bruited about in the British press are still active, as are the imaginations of one or two Brits who don't take the presence seriously, as seen in Jon Downes' latest Big Cat News: Unlikely Stories from Seaford and Tamworth.

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