Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Robert Lindsay: "We have reason to believe that Ketchum is not being entirely truthful here."

Bongo's Pilliga Yowie Hoax Proves That Some Australians Are Just As Capable As Some Americans And Russians When It Comes To Hoaxing

Abe Del Rio Suggests 'Easier' Method Of Research, Will Provide Free Fingerprint Dusting

Dale Drinnon wedges us into the crytpid corner today, begininning a run of aquatic creature reports with a photo placed online by a woman who photographed it in northwestern Argentina. Does this look like a river serpent, boulders protruding from a fairly swift flowing stream, or a naked person undulating through the water? Make sure you look quickly, since there is some indication the photographer may require the photo be taken offline. Jon Downes follows the photo with a video of something in the water and mutters Whilst on the Subject of Argentine Aquatic Cryptids... Then it's Drinnon's turn to dive back into the murky depths of the waters that have put forth images of swimming weirdies represented in Von Ferry, Caddy, and Maine: Water-Horses Revisited, as well as Some More New England Sea-Serpent Notes and Thor Vs. Super-Eel Lindorm. Lest you think that's a pretty good summation of water monsters, there is news from the natural history corner that touches on the water monster realm, offering excellent images to accompany the tale of a young man who no doubt found inspiration in Sunday School with the story of the multitude that loafs and fishes and turned it into the life depicted in Monster Fish and Me! The Story of a Vicar’s Son from Suffolk.

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