Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dee's Message to Dyer and Smeja: "Let's all have respect for all that is beautiful" [Video] Editor Has Bones To Pick With Rick Dyer About Hunting For Bigfoot In Canada

The Munns Report Analysis Comparing Human Anatomy To The Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot

How Tim Fasano Knows Bigfoot Ancestral DNA Is Not Human

Unknown African Pygmies Malcolm's Musings: Cryptozoology
We don't have to discuss lake monsters or Sasquatch when pursuing maverick biology but it sure does help. Today thrill to the discoveries that infuriatingly blur the lines between the mainstream and the strange, beginning with Malcolm Smith's translation of Christian le Noel's article covering "bush dwarves". They've haunted African folklore for centuries and lurk in the shadows to this very day, albeit with a dearth of evidence. Continuing our celebration of cryptozoology, Loren Coleman begins our stories that show new creatures are continuing to be discovered with the First Photo of a Living, Newly Discovered Myanmar Monkey, while Dale Drinnon announces a New Mouse Lemur Species Discovered which weighs a little more than a ping-pong ball.

RAW Takes On Skepticism

Larry the Cable Guy Goes Bigfooting

First Photo of Living, Newly Discovered Myanmar Monkey //More Photos//Updated

More Riley Rawlins Details

Update: Dr. Melba Ketchum a Bigfoot Witness?

Election Cryptids: # 2 ~ New Hampshire Bigfoot

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